23. May 2024

Chasing the wind: A meaningful life in the immanent frame Vortrag von Vahid Sohrabifar am 10.06.2024

Vortrag von Vahid Sohrabifar am 10.06.2024

Vahid Sohrabifar
Vahid Sohrabifar © Vahid Sohrabifar
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Is life meaningful or is it simply chasing after the wind? The old question has received different answers. In this talk, I will begin with an overview of the responses to the question and explore the meaningful and absurdist viewpoints. Next, I try to show how the question has changed through the ages and we are facing the question in the immanent frame. Finally, I present my proposal for dealing with the question. I believe we should see the meaning of life as the narrative of life. In this approach, faith has a crucial role.



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