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IIMF supports CTSI

From 2024, the International Institute for Missiological Research (IIMF) will support the CTSI with an annual grant of 15,000 euros. The IIMF and the CTSI are united by the conviction that the research fields of comparative and intercultural theology should be brought into more intensive mutual relations. The contribution of the IIMF is intended to promote corresponding efforts in the CTSI.


The photo shows the head of the IIMF Prof. Dr. mult. Klaus Vellguth and the CTSI Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch signing the contract on December 21, 2023.

Joint Project for the Transfer of Comparative Theology into Society

Together with the Centre for Comparative Theology and Cultural Studies (Zekk) at the University of Paderborn and several other partners from the field of interreligious dialogue, including the House of One the CTSI is launching a new initiative to transfer the issues of concern of Comparative Theology more intensely into society.

Theologie der Prophetie im Dialog
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Theology of Prophecy (DFG-research project)

The objective of this project is to go along, as a Christian theological endeavour, with ongoing research (at the University of Paderborn) recasting, on the basis of the Quran, Muslim prophetology, and to employ this research so as to develop a Christian prophetology that will be aware of the theology of Israel.

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Comparative Theology of Religions Group (CTRG)

An international group of theologians from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam formed to reflect together on issues related to a theology of religious pluralism by means of comparative theology, each seeking to articulate the meaning of the religious other in their respective theologies..

Completed Projects

Qom und Paderborn
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International Cooperation

Cooperation between the Comparative Theology Study Programmes of Qom and Paderborn (DAAD).

Jesus in the Quran
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Jesus in the Qur'an

Qur'anic Approaches to Jesus Christ in the Perspective of Comparative Theology (DFG project).

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